Some Subjects for Vintage Photography

Vintage photography is great, but not everything can look good in a vintage kind of setting, right? That is why you need to give a little thought to what works and what doesn’t. Vintage photography makes things look old, essentially. So it’s important to know what kind of subjects get complemented by this style of photography.


Old Things, Of Course

If you have some antiquities lying around, they will make great subjects for this kind of stuff. Taking vintage photos of vintage items just works, because it gives the whole photo a sense of cohesiveness that is hard to achieve with subjects of the modern time.

People and Streets

People also make very interesting subjects for vintage photo effects. Try to capture their expressions and facial details, and then accentuate those elements by using the right kind of lighting and the right kind of effects.

Streetlife works pretty well with vintage effects slapped on it too. Try to capture daily activities happening around you, take photos of people going about their business, children playing, cars moving past etc.

Old Buildings, Vast Landscapes

Architectural photography can be made very interesting by applying vintage effects to it. Buildings have a certain amount of history associated with them and capturing that history becomes a very interesting activity. Look for imperfections like cracked windows, plaster peeling off, or aging wood in the doors. All these elements can work really well with a vintage style.

You can also take landscape photos in a vintage style. Soft skies, faded colors, warm tones all work very well with landscape shots. Programs like Aurora HDR allow users to take HDR photos in a vintage kind of look as well. There are, in fact, many image editors that make it very easy to make your photos look vintage, so just go ahead and experiment for yourself. See what subjects look best to you in a vintage style, and then go from there.