How To Turn Your HDRs Vintage

If you’ve ever been faced with a problem where you just can’t get your exposure right for a landscape scene or a building, then you might want to take a look at HDR photography. An HDR photo, or a High Dynamic Range photo, is one that is created by merging more than one instances of the same photo at different exposure settings. When merged, the resulting image has a much broader range of highlights and shadows that can be manipulated a great deal to achieve a perfect exposure.

This process relies a lot on which HDR editor you use. Many of these offer very basic controls, allowing you to merge images together and tweak exposure, but what if you need an editor that can also help you get that vintage look from your HDR photo that others can’t provide? For that particular need, Aurora HDR is pretty much the best option out there.

Go Vintage with Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR is not your typical HDR editor. It not only helps in creating some stellar looking HDR photos with its extensive controls but also boasts a very intuitive interface that anyone can get used to. Available as either a standalone software or a plugin for other programs such as Adobe Photoshop, this HDR editor is as versatile as they come. There are a number of presets that help create the perfect look for your photos in an instant, and these can also be further edited if you require.

So how do you go vintage with Aurora HDR? Well, with all the manual control over your photos, it’s a very simple process:

  • Drop the contrast in your photo to give a softer look to your photo.
  • Make the temperature warmer to get that yellowish tint.
  • Drop the saturation and vibrance to achieve that ‘old photo’ kind of look.
  • Voila! You have a fairly convincing vintage HDR photo at your hands.

If you want to dive deeper into the settings and tweak your photo more, then you can also use the Color Toning toolbar to really fine tune a vintage look for your photo. Have a look at this tutorial for more details on this method.

So if you need to take an HDR photo because of bad lighting or just to get more detail in your shot, but at the same time want to have a vintage look for your image, take a shot at Aurora HDR and you might just end up with the perfect HDR vintage photo.