How to Unleash your Inner Vintage Photographer in 2017

Now that the world of digital photography has progressed so much, the older methods of taking photos seem trivial to many. However, there is a large number of photographers who prefer to have that vintage vibe in their photos and try their best to emulate a retro look in their work.

But with so much work being done digitally nowadays, how can you get that vintage look and feel? Luckily, if you’re really into the classic ways of making photos, there are different things you can try even today.

  • Dive into Photo Editing

If you want the ease of using a digital camera for your work but want that specific vintage look, then just use one of the many vintage photo editors available to give your images a retro feel. These editors will not only let you edit your RAW files non-destructively but will also provide you with a bevy of professional-grade vintage filters and effects to experiment with.

When using filters, be sure not to overdo anything. An overpowering filter is never good for any photo as it runs the actual scene you’re trying to show. Try using soft lighting for your photos before you take them in a photo editor for maximum effect.

  • Try an Instant Camera

A great way to relive the old days is to take photos with an instant camera. Modern instant cameras are small in size and give you instant prints of your images. You have to use paper in these cameras so you’ll be much more limited with your shots than with a digital camera. This not only makes you more conscious of the images you take and those you don’t but also encourages you to take more chances.

While it’s easier to just pick up a small modern camera and start shooting, the joy of having the opportunity to share a physical photo with your subject right in the moment is something unique.

  • Just Get a Film Camera

If none of what is written above satisfies your inner photographer and you really do want something fully vintage, then just get a film camera. There are many film cameras that you can buy brand new these days, but there are several opportunities to get something used for a very good price. Many people who use film cameras swear by their quality and say that it’s something that just can’t be emulated digitally, and we tend to agree with them. If you want to take proper vintage-looking photos, then a film camera is the best choice you can make.


As you can see, there are still ways that can help you take vintage photos in the age of digital photography. So make a choice, go out there, and start capturing the world the way you want.